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 Everyone at our company stands behind our product because it's 

been field-tested at a variety of care centers. From our headquarters 

in Rancho Cucamonga, California, we upgrade the billing systems of health care facilities throughout the state. You always receive personalized attention and help from us. Because we built the accounting package ourselves, we know exactly where and how to fix any problems.  Softcare Software, Inc. is dedicated to providing reliable and user-friendly health care billing software because we've been there, too. We started as nursing home administrators and found the accounting package was so full of bugs that it was unusable. Together, we pooled our experience in program design and started compiling a better system for the facility. Soon the center was solely using our software. We now have more than 80 customers and are always looking to grow. Our founder, Mr. Howe, has a master's degree in public administration from BYU and more than 20 years of experience in the industry. 


Full Featured Software

 The last thing you want to spend your day on is working through buggy and frustrating patient software. Save time and get back to work with the accounting solutions from Softcare Software, Inc. Based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, we offer seamless financial software and support for health care facilities throughout the state, especially senior care and assisted living centers. Our system is easy to use and consists of intuitive pull-down menus and popup help windows. Make recordkeeping the easiest part your day. 


Dependable and Simple Billing and Accounting

 Get back on track with our straightforward and reliable software for billing and accounting. Our product tracks all bills to Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, and private providers. Each transaction is HIPAA compliant and can be paper or electronic for your convenience. There's no more digging through old file cabinets with our built-in Medicare log system and complete billing history feature. There's never a need to use a second system with our patient software because it does everything you need, including:

Print Private Statements with your own Company Logo | Tracks Collection Activities Easily | Posts Cash to Bill-Date or by FIFO Method | Tracks Multiple User Defined Patient Types | Keeps Track of HMO and Group Info | Includes Full General Ledger System | Automates Posting of All Modules to G/L | Includes Accounts Payable System | Integrated Payroll Program | Includes a Resident Trust Module and Much More ...

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